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Our leadership team is among the most tenured in the industry.

We bring the collective knowledge of our entire team to each of our client engagements.

Our technical expertise. Our global relationships. Our shared commitment.


“As our M&A advisor, JEGI CLARITY played a vital role in helping us reach our vision. The team’s knowledge and insight of the content, entertainment and media landscape ensured the process was as straightforward as possible and kept our vision at its core.”
Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO and Founder, ODMedia
“JEGI CLARITY provided us with sound advice over a couple of years leading up to our transaction and they were a pleasure to work with. The process was very efficient, and we are all absolutely delighted with the outcome.”
James Kane, Founder and CEO, Two Bulls
“JEGI CLARITY not only met but surpassed our expectations throughout every stage of the process and delivered an outstanding new PE partner at a valuation we were all thrilled with.”
Ted Stefanidis, Director, Executive Platforms
“The JEGI CLARITY team provided exceptional service. They provided thoughtful guidance and worked nonstop to achieve an outstanding outcome for our business. We couldn’t ask for smarter, kinder, or more creative partners!”
Ed Walters, Chief Executive Officer, Fastcase
“We needed a banker that could provide a strong guiding hand throughout the process, position the business, and help steer us around the hurdles of final negotiations. By every measure, JEGI CLARITY excelled from start to finish.”
Randy Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO, Advertiser Perceptions
“JEGI CLARITY worked tirelessly from the start of the process until the closing to highlight the company’s strengths to the marketplace, find the right potential buyers and negotiate the transaction.”
Chris Larson, Managing Director – Equity Group, Monroe Capital
San Francisco