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Marketing is no longer the exclusive domain of the CMO. The impact of data, digital and e-commerce on marketing has affected the entire C-suite.

From brand and product strategy through to skillsets, competition and vendor-client relationships, marketing is undergoing a radical transformation.

We are longstanding advisors to the category, having initiated and executed numerous landmark transactions where creative, technology and retail and e-commerce converge.

The JEGI CLARITY team helped us cast a wide net and manage a thorough process to position Spark451 with a partner that will accelerate our distribution and growth. The team demonstrated a thorough understanding of our industry and was energized to learn more and present the business’s strengths. Their work helped us describe our business clearly. A dedication to remain unbiased while moving us towards the best outcome was core to their approach and made for constructive dialogue and decision making along the way. Contemplating a combination for one’s business could be daunting or unthinkable. JEGI CLARITY’s approach and range of abilities made the process manageable and ultimately fruitful. We could not have dreamed up a better team.

Spark451 Founders: Ron Tadross, CFO; Steve Kerge, CEO; and Mike McGetrick, President

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