"Power of 5"
The New Paradigm for Insights

5 Leaders, 5 Questions, 5 Minutes


The New Paradigm for Insights

Introducing our latest Power of 5 series. We ask 5 industry leaders 5 questions in 5 minutes to gain insight on how they are succeeding in today’s market.

In this series we examine the research, insights, and measurement sector, how that sector has evolved over the last 18 to 24 months, and what that means for M&A.

Over 5 weeks we interviewed 5 selected executives from leading corporations. Topics of discussion included current challenges facing clients, learnings from the last two years, and M&A criteria going forward.

Key Takeaways

  • There is an increasing need to demonstrate impact beyond delivering insights and contribute more directly to the growth ambitions of clients.
  • Clients need a quicker and better understanding of the changing marketplace. Companies need to help clients understand, predict, and act on change.
  • It is important to have an M&A program that is embedded and aligned with your company’s current and future needs.
  • Given the broader macroeconomic environment, clients need data in real time to validate their decisions.


Kristof De Wulf, Chief Executive Officer,

Barrie Brien, Group CEO,

Tugce Bulut, Founder & CEO,

Christoph Haschka, Group Director of M&A,

Matt Britton, Founder & CEO,

Full Interviews Below

Kristoff De Wulf speaks with San Datta

Tugce Bulut speaks with San Datta

Matt Britton speaks with Kevin Moore

Barrie Brien speaks with San Datta

Christoph Haschka speaks with Michael Hirsch

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