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There is no better indication of the pace of digital transformation than the software sector, epitomized by the rapid adoption of cloud-based solutions and SaaS delivery models.

Driven by efficiencies in application development and deployment, ‘enterprise’ clouds built around financial management, marketing and HR have quickly caught up, setting new standards for technology performance, scalability and usability. In effect, this has changed how software works for businesses in the hands of end-users.

We’re now witnessing the rise of Vertical SaaS solutions, a market which has tripled in size as users seek out purpose-built applications to reflect their specific workflows, including those of small and medium sized businesses. Growth and private equity investment in Vertical SaaS continue to drive innovation, partly driven by strong exit opportunities via IPOs and active strategic buyers.

The JEGI CLARITY trans-Atlantic team was outstanding from start to finish. From identifying and engaging prospective investors to managing multiple parties on the West and East US coasts as well as in Europe and finally ultimately delivering us a fantastic deal and partner. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Sean Hoban, CEO, Kimble Applications

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