Engaging with employees to drive corporate strategy

ParkerGale leads carve out acquisition from Gartner and simultaneous merger with CultureIQ

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  • Insights Data and Analytics
  • Software
  • Technology and Consulting Services

WS&A is a tech-enabled workforce survey and analytics platform providing insights to support corporate planning and human capital management. WS&A drives business results for corporations by aligning employee engagement with corporate strategy and enabling organizational change. The business has developed significant intellectual property including a robust set of benchmarks and best practices database in the industry. WS&A’s team of industrial and organizational psychologists design and deliver workforce surveys to generate insights and actionable intelligence key to achieving business results and generating competitive advantage.

With the financial support of ParkerGale, WS&A will merge with CultureIQ, a complementary provider of culture management solutions and employee survey software. The new company will operate under the CultureIQ brand and will be the premiere provider of employee engagement solutions for companies of all sizes.

Gartner’s sale of WS&A is one of three successful and simultaneous divestitures led by JEGI CLARITY following Gartner’s significant acquisition of Corporate Executive Board (CEB). JEGI CLARITY assisted Gartner with a strategic review of potential non-core assets resulting from the CEB transaction and designed and executed a divestiture program to maximize the value of identified businesses with minimum displacement to employees and clients.

In choosing JEGI CLARITY to represent Gartner on three very different divestitures in separate, but overlapping processes, they fulfilled our highest expectations in every way. At the core of JEGI CLARITY’s success in delivering an exceptional outcome for Gartner were their very disciplined yet pragmatic approach, their in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and buyer pools, their ability to both craft a nuanced story that resonated with buyers and present complex transaction issues clearly, and their hearty appetite for hard work and long hours. We had the full attention of JEGI CLARITY’s deep team from start to finish, which enabled them to stay on schedule and deliver maximum value on each of the transactions. In short, the JEGI CLARITY Team is the real deal.

Christian Keane, Group VP, Corporate Development, Gartner

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