U.S. risk management platform expands through highly targeted M&A

The Institutes acquires LRP Media’s workplace safety businesses to provide deeper content to the insurance professional community

Deal Type:
  • B2B Information and Events
  • Events and Conferences

JEGI CLARITY has advised LRP Media Group, a media and training content provider serving business and education professionals worldwide, on their sale of select knowledge platforms to The Institutes.

The Institutes, a leading risk management and insurance knowledge provider, has acquired three valuable knowledge-sharing platforms from LRP Media Group, including Risk & Insurance®, National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo (NWCDC), and National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo. Risk & Insurance is the leading digital and print platform covering risk management and insurance markets and professionals. NWCDC and ErgoExpo are leading events covering workplace injury risk mitigation.

By acquiring these new platforms, The Institutes will expand its risk mitigation subject matter expertise and will broaden the reach of its knowledge, education, and training services into new audiences and professional communities.

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