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The sale of Milkround by NewsUK will enable NewsUK to focus on its core business

Deal Type:
  • B2B Information and Events
  • Digital Media and Content

Following a strategic review by News UK, JEGI CLARITY were appointed as sole corporate finance advisor.

Milkround Online Limited (“Milkround”) was launched in 1997 by its founder, taking its name from what was traditionally called the milk round season where companies did tours to universities to promote and advertise their job opportunities directly to students.

Milkround was acquired by News UK in 2006 and it has been the leading graduate recruitment site in the UK for the last decade, with longstanding relationships with the leading recruiters, including most of The Times 100 Employers.

JEGI CLARITY were once again instrumental in making the transaction happen. This was the second time we’ve used JEGI CLARITY, they are a great team, pragmatic, commercial and good at knowing what matters and how to bring the deal to a close.

Christopher Longcroft, Chief Financial Officer, News UK

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