Non-stop growth for Internet Brands and WebMD

KKR’s digital media platform acquires JHI to expand its healthcare content and community

Deal Type:
  • B2B Information and Events
  • Insights Data and Analytics
  • Marketing Services and Technology

JEGI CLARITY has advised Jobson Healthcare Information (JHI), a multi-channel marketing communications, education and data provider serving pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, on their sale to WebMD, the healthcare arm of Internet Brands, a portfolio company of KKR.

For over 50 years, JHI has been recognized for its diversified portfolio of healthcare information, education and marketing services targeted to a broad segment of the healthcare industry, including physicians, pharmacists and eye care professionals. Through its comprehensive products and media platforms, JHI reaches more than one million health care professionals through leading brands including MD/alert, Pharm/alert, U.S. Pharmacist, 20/20, Review of Optometry, Review of Ophthalmology, and Postgraduate Institute for Medicine.

WebMD, owned by Internet Brands, delivers quality information and services to the healthcare industry. As a new member of the WebMD network, JHI will benefit from WebMD’s substantial digital resources and data products expertise while deepening WebMD’s relationships with healthcare professionals.

JEGI CLARITY built a customized process that highlighted our strengths, identified the most relevant acquirers, and uniquely positioned the company to maximize the sale. They focused on what really mattered and knew the best way to help the market understand our story – and then worked very hard to deliver results. We were very happy with the outcome for shareholders and for management.

Jeff MacDonald, CEO, Jobson Healthcare Information

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