Creating purpose driven ideas for clients in the consumer and health sectors

The investment by RLH Equity Partners will propel exponential growth for imre and further optimize the client experience globally

Deal Type:
  • Digital Media and Content
  • Marketing Services and Technology

JEGI CLARITY has advised imre on their sale to RLH Equity Partners.

Imre is a leading digital communications agency committed to creating purpose driven ideas for blue-chip healthcare and consumer brands. Established in 1993, imre works with many of the world’s leading and high-growth brands. Driven by innovation, the agency’s integrated suite of marketing communications services include brand strategy, creative, digital marketing, social media, public relations and media, data and analytics.

RLH’s approach to growth, client service and innovation closely aligns with the imre values and goals. The investment will propel imre’s growth expansion endeavors, unlocking access to new resources, talent, and in-demand services that will support their clients’ business needs and goals. This partnership will fuel imre’s focus on expanded expertise across integral service areas such as intel and insights, data and analytics, omnichannel fluency and modern digital and public relations activation. The acquisition comes after years of substantial growth for imre across the health and consumer sectors.

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