Building world-class forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas

Falfurrias Capital Partners and Executive Platforms will enter into a strategic partnership for expansion across new markets and capabilities

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  • B2B Information and Events
  • Events and Conferences

JEGI CLARITY has advised Executive Platforms on their investment from Falfurrias Capital Partners.

Founded in 2014, Executive Platforms is the leading curator of forums for senior leaders in businesses and organizations. The company builds world-class forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas among the senior leadership of businesses and organizations with common objectives, interests, and challenges. Their curated experiences bring key decision-makers and industry leaders together to share insights and expertise and challenge each other to reshape the future of their industries.

Falfurrias Capital Partners will help Executive Platforms strengthen their current offerings and explore new ways to create additional engagement opportunities for leaders. The investment will help Executive Platforms optimize their growth strategy, both organically and through possible acquisitions.

We had confidence in the JEGI CLARITY Team from day one, when they flew to Toronto to present to our founding partners. It was clear right away that their positioning instincts were right on point and that they would be able to establish and reinforce the “must attend” nature of our diversified portfolio of fast-growing summits. They front loaded much of the anticipated diligence requests, including helping us develop data trends and analyses they knew would drive value. They seamlessly facilitated an intensely competitive process, shepherding over a dozen interested parties through management presentations, leading to multiple highly appealing options, including from leading strategic players in the Face-to-Face industry as well as top tier private equity firms looking to build a new platform in the sector. JEGI CLARITY not only met but surpassed our expectations throughout every stage of the process and delivered an outstanding new PE partner at a valuation we were all thrilled with.

Ted Stefanidis, Director, Executive Platforms

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