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Accenture’s acquisition of CreativeDrive forms largest studio network and tech-enabled platform for 24/7 e-commerce content production

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JEGI CLARITY has advised Bertram Capital and their portfolio company CreativeDrive, an independent creative content production company, on their sale to Accenture Interactive.

CreativeDrive is a tech-driven company that simplifies, automates and scales the creative asset production process. Leveraging a global network of content production studios and proprietary workflow software, CreativeDrive works with major brands such as Estee Lauder, Michael Kors and Walmart to create, localize and distribute digital marketing content for large-scale ecommerce programs. Under a managed service model, CreativeDrive generates dramatic cost, process and time-to-market efficiencies for brands and retailers whose ecommerce programs often entail the production and management of hundreds of thousands of digital marketing assets spanning photography, videos, CGI and Augmented Reality.

CreativeDrive’s world class team and technology represent a highly strategic extension of Accenture’s digital marketing, media and commerce service offerings, which now comprise the largest digital agency in the world.

We could not have selected a better partner to assist us in selling CreativeDrive, as JEGI CLARITY brought extensive experience and a deep understanding of the digital content production market, coupled with longstanding relationships with all the relevant strategic buyers.  Our process was complicated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the JEGI CLARITY team took these obstacles in stride, working tirelessly to secure a successful outcome with our chosen buyer.  We are extremely grateful for the perseverance exhibited by the JEGI CLARITY team in getting this transaction to the finish line.

Jared Ruger, Partner, Bertram Capital

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