Expanding first-party purchase intent data

TechTarget's acquisition of BrightTALK will enhance customers’ abilities to use purchase intent data to grow their revenues and increase their market share.

Deal Type:
  • B2B Information and Events
  • Marketing Services and Technology

JEGI CLARITY has advised BrightTALK in their sale to TechTarget.

BrightTALK is a leading marketing platform for webinars and virtual events in the enterprise IT market. BrightTALK’s offerings allow marketers to create original webinar and video content and engage 8 million professionals who have registered for the platform. Its solution combines access to decision-makers with a technology platform for creating online events.

TechTarget is the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that deliver business impact for enterprise technology companies. By creating abundant, high-quality editorial content across more than 140 highly targeted technology-specific websites, TechTarget attracts and nurtures communities of technology buyers researching their companies’ information technology needs. By understanding these buyers’ content consumption behaviors, TechTarget creates the purchase intent insights that fuel efficient and effective marketing and sales activities for clients around the world.

The acquisition will significantly expand TechTarget’s proprietary first-party purchase intent data and its opt-in audience.

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