Digital Media and Content

Areas of focus
> Content Production
> Social Media
> Consumer Applications
> Entertainment, Esports and Video Gaming

From filmed entertainment to social influencers, content production has exploded. People are now able to enjoy content across multiple platforms, including streaming services, mobile applications and gaming consoles.

We are at the forefront of advising companies that create and monetize content and the technology vendors that enable content production, publishing and digital service design.

We could not have selected a better partner to assist us in selling CreativeDrive, as JEGI CLARITY brought extensive experience and a deep understanding of the digital content production market, coupled with longstanding relationships with all the relevant strategic buyers.  Our process was complicated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the JEGI CLARITY team took these obstacles in stride, working tirelessly to secure a successful outcome with our chosen buyer. 

Jared Ruger, Partner, Bertram Capital

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